Thursday, March 30, 2006

Meiko Togano's Configuration of Supreme Female Power

In relation to the view of the supreme power that women have over men that Meiko Togano articulates & practices in Enchi Fumiko's Masks (Onna Men), you may be interested in this recent article in Foreign Policy on patriachy and paternity that is, to say the least, stimulative if not controversial. (The article was first featured, then removed, on the essential Arts & Letters Daily site.)

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Maja B. said...

Ultimately, a world where anyone has supreme power is a bore.
If Genji was a full-blown no-exit patriarchy, nobody would want to read it. The instances of rebellion are that which attract the readership.
As such, Masks is a failure. Nobody wants to watch the weak get quashed, get quashed some more, and never get up.
Except sadists...