Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guest Speaker Thursday

A reminder that we have our first guest speaker, Koizumi Maya-san, in class this Thursday. The format will be question-&-answer. Might I suggest that you write two questions on a card ahead of class, to ensure brevity, directness, & specificity -- the latter meaning "Is it correct to say that sabi deals with the concrete & wabi with the abstract?" rather than "Tell me about wabi & sabi." (Not that I think this is particularly an issue in the present case.)


Maja B. said...

"As a Japanese reader, I don't want too much resistance from the text"

very compelling statement.

Ray said...

just curious, this isn't japanese 100 or anything, but i was curious to when koizumi-san mentioned/broke down the kanji for shifu, i was wondering what the term "ogakusan", correct me please because i'm sure i muddled it, mean? i've seen it used quite generically used to address wives who have no relations to the person speaking.

i mean, the alternatives are usually "ojisan" (for males) or "obasan", but how does "ogakusan" differ (assuming it has anymore relavance to male-female relations?

Dr. S.A. Ogden said...

Maja-san: that is indeed a remarkably pertinent comment for our course discussons. By the bye, Koizumi-san was tickled to learn that your names are homonymonic.

Dr. S.A. Ogden said...


Are you sure "okusan" isn't the word you are hearing?

Ray said...

oops, my hearing is kind of fading at an early age.

but yes, what of using okusan? if we had english translations/equivalents for the japanese (or chinese) ones, our dictionary would be a few sections larger (much like koizumi's mentioning of larger volumes for translations).