Thursday, March 16, 2006

Class Visit from Japanese Buddhist Priest Ms. Masumi Kikuchi

I am very happy to announce that we will be receiving a visit from Ms. Masumi Kikuchi, (pictured left,) visiting priest from Kyoto Japan at the Steveston Buddhist Temple. Sensei Kikiuchi will lecture on the historical influence of Buddhism on Japanese aesthetic concepts -- such as mono no aware and mujokan -- and its interrelationship with Shinto animism. Sensei Kikiuchi has also agreed to take class questions after her lecture.
"Sensei Kikiuchi's family has looked after the Genkohji temple from generation to generation for over 500 years .... She received an Ohtani Scholarship from Zenmonsama, former Lord Abbot of Nishi Hongwanji, to study comparative early childhood religious education at the Ekoji Temple in Dusseldorf, Germany for a year. She also researched European Shin Buddhists and Christian social activities during her stay in Europe. She has studied at Ryukoku University and Gyoshin Buddhist School in Osaka under several teachers."


Meghan Edmonds said...

Hi group,

If anyone's interested in reading a quick article on a Japanese Catholic author Endo Shusaku (1923-1996), click here and log on with your computing ID:

The article talks about the trouble he had blending East and West. He described his struggle as Christianity being "a Western-style suit that had been placed on his Japanese body"(par 1).

He arguest that the differences between the two can't be easily resolved because the "sensibilities which are incompatible with Christianity are numbness and indifference to God, sin, and death"(par 5).

All of it is nicely summarized in his differentiation of "religion (personal salvation of one's soul) and society ("salvation" of its entire members)" (par 2).

Looking forward to hearing Kikuchi-san,


Ray said...

i don't remember if you were in 380 or not, but if you liked the article about endo, then you should read his book "silence", it's brilliant. it's literally christianity meets japan, and NOT the other way around which some may believe :D

Lindsay said...

yes, I must second that opinion... excellent read. Aesthetics and all, especially shin-gyo-so.

jocelyn said...

sorry, i can't remember if it was mentioned in class. is there a date for this lecture?